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Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!

This page is your Blog. I like to think of a blog as a journal that I share with an audience. What audience is that? Well for yours, it would start as a place that visitors that you sent your URL ( to find out more about you. As those visitors find out about you and enjoy your content, they'll come back to see what you add. And that's what great about blogs, there is an expectation of constantly added content from someone they want to read from. As the word gets out that Dell Crouch knows a thing or two about Chemistry (and maybe genealogy, Politics, and Automotive topics depending on where you take this), people will start to circulate your link. And as your viewership increases, so does the popularity of your blog.

This is your website though, and you may just be interested in posting some articles and other work related documents. But I figured being someone who's not interested in retiring, who is still actively involved in the lead acid community, might enjoy having a place to continue to work, explore, research and discover on the web.

Cheers to the next exciting step in your career, and Happy Birthday Dad!

Dan & Shana, Sara & Steve, Matt, and David.


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